Our Purpose

Here at Dalton, our purpose is to "Build characters for eternity". We strive to make sure our lessons are not just educating children's minds but also educating their souls.

Our School

Our school is outfitted with spacious, clean, and bright classrooms and a large playground that accommodates all our students. (Ages 2-6)

Our Teachers

Our teachers endeavor to instruct age-appropriate lessons with a focus on our children's mind and soul. They provide a safe and fun environment where every child can learn.


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About Dalton Learning Center

Environments make all the difference in a child’s development. Our programs introduce learning through fun activities. Our method not only invigorate a child’s mind, but also captures their imagination while boosting their self esteem.

Our classrooms are bright, clean, attractive and offer children various opportunities to experience growth and pique their interests.

Emotional care is just as important as physical care here at Dalton Learning Center. We provide a Christian environment that fosters a well-developed character and sharpens a child’s cognitive skills.

Dalton Learning Center is definitely a home away from home. Our programs provide quality care and exciting experiences at affordable prices.

  • Fun activities!
  • Invigorate your child’s mind!
  • Boost their self-esteem!
  • Bright, clean classrooms!
  • Exponential growth!
  • Pique children’s interests!
  • Christian environment!
  • Affordable Prices!
  • A home away from home!

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Christian Values
Great Education
Clean Environment
Fun Activities
Caring Teachers
Affordable Prices