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Dalton Learning Academy exists primarily to impart knowledge unto man in the hopes that a balance can be reached between God and man, in order to live a more peaceful life in respect to the care of the body.

The school is committed to its mission of: fostering academic excellence in a genuinely Christ-centered scholastic community.

Our Purpose

Dalton Learning Academy was initiated to provide Port St. Lucie  and its environs an opportunity to expose our students to a quality of education that is above the rest. We are a school of Excellence!


Dalton Learning Academy has a two-fold mission. Dalton Learning Academy (DLA)recognize that each student is a person with thoughts and ideas unique to them and have their own learning styles no matter the background, thus it is the mission of Dalton Learning Academy to recognize such learning styles and still reach, train and teach the whole person to develop “Characters Fit for Eternity.”

Dalton Learning Academy recognizes that each child has a desire to be the best personthat they can be whether he/she recognizes it or not.


The vision of DLA is to equip students with knowledge and wisdom, for atonement with their environment, fellow brethren and theirmaker through the vocations and avocations for which they are called upon by God.

Our Teachers

Our teachers endeavor to instruct age-appropriate lessons with a focus on our children’s mind and soul. They provide a safe and fun environment where every child can learn.

Nondiscrimination Policy 

Dalton Learning Academy insists that all persons should be given full and equal opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills needed for building characters for eternityEqual employment opportunities shall be afforded to all on the basis of qualifications, without regard to race, color, gender, national origin, ancestry, physical handicap, age, height, weight, marital status (single, married, or widowed), or prior military service. Inasmuch as the personal life and the professional identity of an individual are inseparable, all employees are expected to conform to the standards of conduct that are in harmony with Christian Principles.